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Home delivery of Fruits and Vegetables just a click away!

Store9 has the freshest vegetables and fruits online. We have partnered with fruits and vegetable farmers who are selling their freshly grown produce.

Choose Store9 for your fruits and vegetables and feel the difference!

We at Store9 have formed store9 to ease all your daily shopping requirements. Our partners at Store9 are the growers of various fruits and regional vegetables, therefore, forming an online space to sell their produce. Store9 has a network of delivery boys who can reach your doorstep just in time for your cooking with fresh ingredients.

Store9, Bangalore works closely with the people who have grown fruits and vegetables all over rural Bangalore. We choose from the finest varieties of seasonal fruits and vegetables, thereby bringing these fruits and vegetables of the season to you! 

What are all the products I can get from Store9?

Store9 is a budding group of growers, who have been introduced to an online platform to reach out to our customers directly. We want to give our customers the freshest ingredients to their everyday cooking needs, in turn, bring in the Zest in the regular cooking.

How can store9 be useful to me?

With social distancing norms and sanitized shopping, your daily chores can become a burden. Online shopping is the best solution to procure the daily needs of fruits and vegetables. All our vendors are hygiene conscious and we do regular temperature checks on our delivery boys. We leave no stone unturned to maintain cleanliness, from procurement to delivery all fruits and vegetables are well sanitized.  

How long does store9 take to deliver?

Store9 Bangalore delivers freshly grown vegetables and fruits all over Bangalore. Our vendors are on the outskirts of Bangalore. We need a day to check the stock with our vendors and bring the vegetables and fruits order to you. You can expect our deliveries in one day. Eg. If you order today, you get the delivery tomorrow. You can choose from our delivery slots for easier access.